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Den of Liars Fatimiyya Islamic Center Protects Sexual Predator Imam Sayed Wahedy

Pious Fraud Sayed Abazar Wahedy is—UNBELIEVABLY—still the imam at Fatimiyya Islamic Center:

Maulana Wahedi

Facebook review posted on 15-Sep-2015 at https://www.facebook.com/fatimiyyacenter

Maulana Wahedi

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What kind of sham religious organization protects a pathological liar predator who KNOWLINGLY lies to and deceives women to exploit them for sex? What kind of sham religious organization employs a religious leader who is guilty of DELIBERATE rape by fraud, emotional rape, and psychological rape? What kind of sick ideology keeps a KNOWN sex addict predator as their leader – someone who cheats on his wife and lurks on the internet to deceive kuffir women into bed with him for “fun?”

How many women all over the world have been deceived by this evil lying imam, Deceiver Sayed Wahedy?

Hey Fatimiyya! Take your America-hating, woman-hating, kuffir-hating, Jew-hating, Israel-hating, backwards, primitive, fascist, Khomeinist, Hezbollah/IRCG-supporting, demented mentality and go back to Khomeinist Iran where you belong! And take your nasty sex addict imam with you! I have a right to talk about the true story of my personal experience with this religious leader/internet predator, as documented in my books. It’s not “defamation” if it’s true. The text messages he sent me, his voicemails, and pictures of us together are preserved forever in my books God Has Failed Me, The Land Of Dark Secrets, and Allah Is A Deceiver for those who want the truth.