My Heart Says I Wish KM Lessing

New book, “My Heart Says I Wish”

My fifth book is now available, My Heart Says I Wish:

My Heart Says I Wish KM Lessing

This book contains some erotica. K.M. Lessing continues her search for The True Fairytale and The True Prince. Along her unpredictable journey, she experiences many shipwrecks. She encounters Jesus Terrorists, shady psychopaths, Middle Eastern male chauvinist freakazoids, FBI agents, priests, dormant texting zombies, church ladies, and smart blondes. K.M. includes the story of The Afghan, another Muslim who she falls in love with, to her own chagrin.

As with her previous books, K.M. Lessing fearlessly discusses the topics that everyone else tries to avoid: emotional rape, Islam, porn, psychological blackmail, the vacuous McChurches littering America, letting go of anger at God, the blasphemy of female independence, the boringness of self-absorbed men, the perpetually-sexy TV girl, the pain of loving Middle Eastern guys, and The One Who Turns Hearts To Ice—Allah.

Most importantly, K.M. asks this question: Who is The Real Christ?

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