Are you in love with a Muslim guy?

Are you in love with a Muslim guy who deceived and used you? You are not alone. Muslim guys are destroying women all over the world. He lured you, charmed you, used you, and discarded you. Maybe he raped you. You have lots of turmoil on the inside and lots of uncomfortable questions: Why did this happen to me? How could he lie like that? Where is his heart? What should I do? How do I get over him? What kind of so-called “god” does he believe in when he’s using women and sleeping around like a male whore?

You got hurt. The Muslim guy is long gone, on to the next conquest and/or back to his wife/wives who you never knew about. You’re left alone to pick up the pieces. Life is very hard, isn’t it. Dear sister, let’s look at the choices available to you. You can either:

  • let that hurt that he caused be a poison that will kill you
  • let that hurt that he caused be fertilizer to grow a beautiful plant, which is you

That Muslim guy saw something inside of you that he wanted to destroy – something pure, kind, loving, and trusting. He hated that and he wanted to destroy your emotions, to shatter your heart. So now you know you’re a valuable person. So tell yourself I don’t regret that I feel things deeply. I am sincere and that makes me valuable. My heart is important. What he did by using me is very wrong. He can’t be a part of my beautiful future.

Let’s talk about worthless advice: “Just get over him.” There is no such thing. It takes a long time. It’s like recovering from two broken legs. Lots of pain, lots of tears, lots of time in the hospital. In attempt to help women all over the world who find themselves in this position, I have written the true story of my own experience with a Muslim deceiver. “My Heart Says I Wish” is now available with one click on any reading device that has the kindle app. It is also available in ebook (pdf) format and paperback.

Watch the video If You Love A Muslim Guy

Also available to the world is the true story of the Muslim religious leader who wanted to lose his “virginity” to me, a true story, available on Amazon and as an ebook (pdf).

Refuse to stay in a shattered state for your entire life. Search for your healing and your new life. Anybody who wants it can find it.