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Review of Allah Is A Deceiver

I have read countless books. I have read true stories. None have captivated me or intrigued me like this one. The power men hold over women, with words we take to heart, is real. It has no limits of religion, race, or age.

As a woman I have been seduced, used, played, abused and shattered.  I did it all in the name of “Love”. And although mine had nothing to do with Persian men, I have felt the mental, physical and sexual prowess like K.M. has and oh how she has lifted me and inspired me to do one thing I never did. I need to forgive those who misused me. Not because they deserve forgiveness but because I do. I have made myself the victim and allowed them to maintain a part of me.

The sheer exposure she shares with this story is on a level I have never seen. She showed real texts and voicemail transcripts, bearing all of her to the world. That takes an immense amount of courage and the knowledge some will not take her words as she intends them.

She does not seek pity or glory. She only released her own demons so she can heal. I read all three parts of her story, and I can not recommend it highly enough.

This woman has grace, poise and a true dedication for finding herself. This is by far one of the best series I have ever read and I take many lessons from it. This is a must read, not just for women. Men can learn as much from it and maybe some will take it to heart and stop being creeps.
– Debbie Raynes, book reviewer