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Reviews of God Has Failed Me

“This is a heart-felt and heart-wrenching story that captured me from the very start and did not release me even after I finished. It is a true story of a woman and takes the reader along on her difficult journey of her life. Growing up from childhood with no parental love, she struggled to survive. Her emotions and pain are so raw and deep, I cried for her.

Her life sent her into many countries, where she embraced many cultures, and maybe some of those gave her a bit of happiness. She was searching for love in all the wrong places, spurred by the pressure of today’s society.

Everywhere you look it is all about sex. In movies, books, music, and then the world wonders why there are so many teen pregnancies, diseases, death, children born to those who never wanted them.

Everyone faces hard times, confusion, feeling lost and the author portrayed all of it in an open honest way. There is no fluff, no sugar coating. It is all real and although it is sad, it did inspire me. Reminding me I have to face the world and fight back to become the person I am meant to be.

This book is well-written and very thought-provoking and I truly enjoyed it. I applaud the courage of the author, K. M. Lessing for opening her own wounds and bringing such facts to life. She is real and she has depth of compassion and touched my life forever. I recommend this book with my highest regards. It will captivate and move you.”
– Debbie Raynes, book reviewer

“The title alone sets the tenor of what is to become a raw and honest recounting of a woman’s life in different stages of self-destruction. There’s a struggle to reconcile expectations and reality. It’s a trip down a memory lane, but the road is as twisted as hell. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

It’s a fascinating account, but an equally disturbing one…

It challenges your beliefs on hard issues and makes you feel you’ve been down that road at one point in your life.

The degrees of lies and deception perpetrated by the men in her life are just astonishing. It’s a wicked game of religious, sexual and emotional manipulation and when a very important person is the instigator, the complexity grows tenfold.

This is a book that should be read for its honesty and candor, and more importantly the incredible insights on religion, predatory behavior, and psychological manipulation.”
Markus book reviews

“K.M. Lessing, the author of God Failed Me, sent me a digital copy of her book wondering whether I would review it. I generally don’t do reviews. I am a slow reader and have to be very selective of what I read. I try to avoid spending time on materials that are not directly related to my research.

However, when I took a look at the book, I could not put it down. Lessing is without a doubt a gifted writer. She speaks from the heart and her words are captivating. This is a book about her personal experience, an experience that is too common in today’s western world.

The western culture, the culture that taught the world enlightenment, liberty and equality has lost is compass. It is now devoid of purpose, devoid of love and devoid of soul. Perhaps it is not dead yet but it is ailing and as such vulnerable to predation…

Lessing eventually left her church and tried to find solace in alcohol and in bars. She got involved with all sorts of wrong people. After hitting the bottom she resumed her search for God, but guess where? In the house of Satan! She went to a mosque to enquire about God…

Lessing wondered whether she should go to his mosque and expose him publicly. This tells me how little non-Muslims know Islam and the Muslim mind. What do you think would happen if you tell them? At first they deny it categorically accusing you of smearing the name of a good man and vilify you. If they see the undeniable proof, they change tactic and condemn him in your face assuring you that Islam does not allow that. Once you leave, they pat him on the back and laugh heartily…

This is a book I recommend to everyone, especially to women in the search of love…

Get this book. Read it and give it to any single woman you care about. If smart woman like Lessing can fall prey to the machinations of a Muslim charlatan like this animal, many girls are in great peril…” Read the whole review
– Ali Sina, Faith Freedom International

“K.M. Lessing was at the ‘Draw Muhammad Exhibition’ at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas on  3 May 2015.  We exchanged contact information in the usual OCD manner in which miserable freelance journalists horde information.  Network is everything!

Because of an initial and rather brief contact I am now familiar with the writing of a woman who is gifted with expressive function.  Her pen also has a twin named EQ. Ms. Lessing has a high emotional quotient. The combination of articulation and sentiment provide for an enjoyable reading experience – unless your own emotional bandwidth is on the narrow end of the scale.

Ms. Lessing is not a mechanical butterfly. She is more of a dragonfly. ‘God has Failed Me’, the first book of her trilogy, explores her life as she flits through a garden blooming with artistic talent and man traps which she falls into with unnerving regularity.

The constraints of corporate life are relieved with adventures spent within the Goth culture and corridors where subterranean personalities dwell.  A labyrinth of fun is to be had, and disaster comes in its wake. This is the story of a woman, written primarily for women.  Ms. Lessing understands the genre well.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects is reading the vignettes from her experiences in the church. As a Christian, I am not offended by her questioning nature.  I have also entertained the same thoughts. God resides within a convenient box created by finite minds with little imaginative capability. These issues plague the author in her personal quest to find a God whose first name is Love.  Perhaps one of my favorite passages begins on page 24 with the words, ‘Welcome to Homelyland’.   The author has a gift for writing one-sentence zingers. Her thoughts are amazingly refreshing. Reading should always leave us with more questions than answers.  K.M. Lessing does a great job in that regard.

The book’s ending is also the opening for Ms. Lessing’s next performance on the stage of her life.  We are introduced to a philandering imam. Scandalous! Absolutely scandalous! But then, we are abandoned like the senior citizen in Florida imagining a hanging chad.  Luckily, the second book awaits all who enjoyed the first one.  BON APPÉTIT.
The Last English Prince, freelance journalist