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Review of The Land Of Dark Secrets

“I read the first book of this series, God Has Failed Me, and it stayed with me. It opened emotions and a feeling of knowing K. M. and I felt her anguish. This second book is the continuing struggle of her life and her search for love.

She falls for Mahdi, a Muslim, whom she believed loved her. Sadly like her other relationships there was betrayal and deception. She wanted free of him and yet he held onto her, almost as if he saw her as a possession.

This woman was trapped on an emotional roller coaster, and it was a ride that seemed to never finish. She discovered truths about him, and she hated him but she loved him. The depth of her sadness and sense of being lost broke my heart and I felt for her. I respect her inner strength and her ways of honoring his religion and her ability to stay strong and loyal to herself.

Men like him, assert power over women, and demand control, in ways that are not always so apparent. To the women they desire, it comes across as love, but is it? I love the ease of reading these books and the honesty of the author. It takes a lot of courage to open one’s self and reveal the darkest secrets held within.

K.M. Lessing has become my hero and an inspiration in my life. I have faced some demons of my own and she showed me I am not alone. I can not wait to read the third book. Please read this series. It is a lesson in life we all need.”
– Debbie Raynes, book reviewer